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HY-Optima Model 720AS-GC

H2scan is pleased to introduce the HY-OPTIMA™ Model 720AS-GC. This Hydrogen Analyzing System is designed to detect and respond to hydrogen leaks in gas chromatography (GC) Systems.

Due to the shortage and dramatic price increases of helium, hydrogen is becoming the go-to carrier gas for gas chromatography systems. Due to the explosive nature of hydrogen, H2Scan has responded with this hydrogen detection system.

If hydrogen reaches the user selected alarm set point, two things will happen: an audible and visual alarm is activated to alert to a potential hazard, and the solenoid valve will automatically switch off the flow of hydrogen and switch to a nitrogen carrier to ensure no break in analysis.

H2scan offers hydrogen-specific lines of process analyzers, safety monitors and leak detectors.

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Gas Detection Solutions

Instrument Associates is proud to offer portable gas detection products from Gas Clip Technologies!
Multi Gas Clip (MGC) is the first portable multi-gas detector with a batter life of months instead of hours. The Single Gas Clip (SGC) is fully tested and designed to provide worker safety in the harshest conditions. And SGC Plus features a “hibernate” mode to save battery life. Both the MGC and SGC have a docking statin available that can test up to four units simultaneously and can bump, calibrate and deactivate detectors.

Click here to see all the Gas Detection Solutions Instrument Assocaites has to offer.

NRP Jones

In 1999, NRP-Jones’ 240,000 sq. ft. hose manufacturing facility earned ISO 9001 registration for its quality management system. The scope of registration covers both the design and manufacture of its wide range of hose and extruded rubber products. NRP has now earned registration to the most recent ISO 9001:2000 standards. Achieving ISO 9001 registration is consistent with the company’s philosophy that competitive prices and quality products are equally important to customers.

The ISO 9001 quality system substantiates management’s commitment to quality. Additionally, this system is reducing cost and increasing efficiency, allowing NRP-Jones to provide products that meet customers’ quality and price expectations.

Trust NRP-Jones to provide reliable products at prices that will have a positive impact on your bottom line . . . . . the personalized world-class service is just part of the package!

For details about NRP Jones, please refer to the NRP Jones Product Catalog

Sensidyne Health and Safety Instrumentation

Sensidyne has over 25 years experience manufacturing fixed gas detection, air sampling and micro air pump products. The company designs and manufactures high quality, hazardous area approved products that customers rely upon for personnel safety and asset protection. Sensidyne prides itself on customer satisfaction and delivers products and solutions that are robust and reliable, consistent with customer expectations.

For details about SensAlert+, please refer to the SensAlert Plus Datasheet

Parker Phastite Fittings

Phastite is a breakthrough in tube connection systems; its innovative design concept combines quick installation with a simple assembly process achieving a tube connector that can be used in applications up to 20,000 psi/1380 bar (see pages 19, 20 & 21).

  • The product is manufactured from standard materials and requires no special processes to be adopted.
  • Phastite makes the perfect replacement for other fitting methods currently being utilised and performance parameters are such that it is suitable for pressure applications up to 20,000 psi/1380 bar (see pages 19, 20 & 21). Specifically, Phastite is a reliable alternative to high pressure connections and/or welded connectors in these applications.
Watch the Phastite Benchtool on You Tube

For details, please refer to Phastite Tube Connectors Catalog

IntraFlow™Parker IntraFlow™

  • Modular instrument system
  • ISA/ANSI SP 76.00.02 compliant
  • Every component is upgradeable to Gen 2 & 3 NeSSI Technologies
  • Vacuum to 500psig (34 barg)
  • System design software available

For more information, please refer to Parker IntraFlow™ Catalog

R-max™Parker R-max™

  • Surface mount technology for stream switching valves
  • Low internal volume to reduce system purge time
  • Low pressure actuation of valves-40 psig (-2.76)
  • Rated from vacuum to 500psig (34 barg)

For more information, please refer to Parker R-max™ Stream Switching System Catalog

Vent Master™Parker Vent Master™

  • Pre-engineered compact instrument panel that includes regulators, gauges, rotometer, and eductor and a separate pressure controller
  • Creates a stable pressure within the analyzer shelter vent header system
  • Provide analysis accuracy with .06% over a vent header flow of 0-18SLPM

For more information, please refer to Parker Vent Master™ Catalog

ChangeOver SystemParker ChangeOver System

  • Compact turnkey module designed for continuous gas management
  • Optional outlet regulator to control application specific outlet pressure
  • Audio/visual alarm annunciator available
  • Available in 316L stainless steel and brass
  • Suitable for oxygen service

Watch the ChangeOver System on You Tube

Click to view application information (pdf)


  • Compact double block and bleed valves, featuring needle valves
  • Reducing installations cost while improving safety through a reduction in leak paths
  • Configurable options include single block, double block and bleed
  • Available in a range of materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex, alloy 625

For more information, please refer to Parker 4190 FP Catalog, pages 12-18

Click to view flange product drawing example (pdf)


The Industry Leader in Temperature Measurement

  • All base and noble metal thermocouple types
  • Various metal, ceramic and composite material protection tubes
  • Complete selection of standard and custom assembly configurations

For more information, please refer to Pyromation literature


  • Designed to protect temperature instruments from damage in process systems where pressure, velocity, or viscous, abrasive, and corrosive materials are present, individually or in combination
  • Used in virtually all process industries, including refining/petrochemical, oil and gas, chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, biomedical, cement, power generation, and nuclear
  • Facilitate the removal of the temperature instrument for replacement, repair, or testing without affecting the process system
  • Available in threaded, flanged, VanStone, socket weld, weld-in and sanitary styles

 Click to view application information (pdf)


  • Instrument Associates is a Motorola Radio and accessory distributor
  • Radio rentals and programming readily available
  • Ask your Instrument Associates Rep about how Motorola Radios can help your business today


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